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3-in-1 Lunar Bundle



  • Rare Unique Avatar
  • Rare Lunar Rover
  • Rare Spacesuit

Limited time offer – don’t miss the opportunity for the best value deal possible! Get everything you need with one click.

Start your journey as a Moonlander and get in-game equipment that’ll put you lightyears ahead of your competition!

This bundle is only available for 14 days.

MOON is being built together with real life NASA and SpaceX astronauts.

Total sum to pay

$153 nft-cards
astronaut nft-cards

What's in the Bundle?

Stardust Spacesuit

For survival on the MOON

  • Uses Helium for life support systems
  • 2x more efficient than a regular Spacesuit
  • Rare collectible
  • Finished in the unique Moro Blue color
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Lance Lunar Rover

For navigating MOON’s unforgiving terrain

  • 3x faster than standard travel
  • 6x bigger varrying capacity
  • Only 10% battery charge to travel 1 HEX
  • Only 4 hours battery recharging time
  • Rare collectible
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Astro Avatar


A rare, limited-edition PFP collectible. Ownership is the only way to acces the exclusive Astronaut club, and the Astronaut title in-game.

Only 999 will ever be available.


Multiproject functionality – display your PFP not only in MOON, but in Ertha, Spellfire & other games created by Three Towers.

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Everything you need for only 1/3 of the price.

Start your Moonlander journey today!

MOON is being built together with real life NASA and SpaceX astronauts


Nicole P. Stott

Retired NASA Astronaut

Owns MOON HEX #66977 (Apollo 12 Landing Site)


Susan Kilrain

Retired NASA Astronaut

To the Moon