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Buy & Rent your land in the Moon
Join Moon land sale!
Buy & Rent your land in the Moon
Join Moon land sale!
Buy & Rent your land in the Moon
Join Moon land sale!
Buy & Rent your land in the Moon

Executive Summary

Moon is an interactive economic, political, and social Metaverse created to virtually explore and colonize the moon. Built on Binance Blockchain, it offers a sophisticated gameplay featuring multiple actions players need to take to do business, build communities, and create a thriving civilization – all in a lunar setting.
Moon is inspired by the most famous and successful open-ended and Real-Time Strategy games of all time, including Sim City, Rise of Nations, and Age of Empires. Moon’s 126,000 HEX virtual land plots, represented by NFTs, allow players to start businesses, build real estate, and develop other activities that generate income in Moon tokens (2MOON). Lunar land plots can be bought, sold, rented, and consolidated to form political entities (countries) which can then form alliances, go to war, and levy taxes on all economic activity within their borders – exactly like the real world.
The expansion of the Moon ecosystem, and the addition of a wider range of in-game NFT assets (oxygen supplies, excavation equipment, shops products, weapons, etc.), support the long-term value of 2MOON token, generating real profits for token holders. Gameplay also offers a variety of play-to-earn activities that can reward players with extra 2MOON tokens – including solving lunar mysteries, exploring the dark side of the moon, and discovering conspiracy theories.
Moon intends to further develop the platform by eventually allowing space travel, starting from the moon, and the creation of potential new interplanetary Metaverses. The combination of a unique gameplay, a wide range of NFTs, and an ecosystem built to increase the long-term value of 2MOON tokens, Moon is aiming to become the next major success story in the Metaverse space.

The Backstory

The moon.

Civilizations across the planet and across millennia have worshipped it – calling it Ishtar, Selene, Chandra, Ratih, Artemis, Khonsu, and dozens more names. It has been seen as a symbol of fertility, femininity, alchemy, the rhythm of time, immortality, birth, death, and what lies hidden from view.
Men have travelled to it, landed on it, and brought back to Earth parts of it – but they have never been able conquer it.
Today, we aim to leverage Blockchain technology to create the ultimate Metaverse beyond Earth, a virtual game unlike any the world has ever seen – Moon. A Metaverse that encompasses humanity’s deepest dream, which is to make the moon part of our common destiny and our future as a species. A new place for humanity to express its creativity, its ambitions, and its desire to never stop moving forward. A new, incredible world – beyond our world.

Gameplay Roles

Moon’s gameplay is based on the principle roles:


These are the visionaries and entrepreneurs who aim to make the moon into a productive new civilisation. They work on deciding what services and products to supply, how to establish strong supply chains, and how to sell to the new inhabitants of Moon. They accumulate the land, technology, and the resources needed to build a viable economy, providing jobs and opportunities to colonisers.


These are the technologists, the academics, the people who have the know-how to create the most attractive conditions for economic and social development. They are rewarded for allocating resources effectively and efficiently, in addition to planning economic activity on a community-basis.


Every civilisation needs rules, laws, and a comMOON understanding of what it stands for. Generals are the ones tasked with the political, administrative, and military decisions that affect the formation of communities/countries on Moon and how they interact with each other. This includes managing disputes between Moon states, negotiations, alliances, and in the most extreme cases, even war.

Players may play one or more roles interchangeably, and simultaneously.

Land & Countries

The two main pillars of Moon’s gameplay are:


Each of Moon’s limited supply of 126,000 HEX land plots is a valuable NFT that can be used for a variety of goals:

  • It can be bought, sold, traded, and rented aMOONg Moon participants and outside of the Moon ecosystem on crypto exchanges.
  • It can house companies, living quarters, shopping areas, and other activities generating economic value.
  • It can be used to extract mineral resources, which are then used to develop the economy of the land plot itself or sold to other Moon countries or to Ertha.
  • It can house companies that are built to manufacture in-game NFTs, a further source of income which expands the default add-ons of Moon (See Moon -The Game Add-Ons).
  • All economic activities on a land plot can be taxed by the plot’s owner/administrator
  • You are not allowed to interfere with the security features of the application or site.

All revenues generated by land plots are denominated in the native 2MOON token.



Owners of land in any quantity can declare their possessions as sovereign political and administrative entities. Moon countries can:

  • Levy taxes and fees to inhabitants and all other types of economic activities occurring within their borders.
  • Form alliances and partnerships with other Moon countries.
  • Control commerce with other countries and with Ertha.
  • Control armies and go to war against other Moon countries in case of need.

Gameplay Mechanics

The main elements of Moon’s gameplay are:

Moon Companies

These are the administrative units that represent businesses and all other types of private economic activity. The workflow of a company is based on the elements of material inputs, energy inputs, labour inputs, and output product/service.

Companies need to own or be able to source and pay for with 2MOON tokens all resources needed in the manufacturing or service provision process. Some of these will be directly present on the HEX Moon land plot (for example iron, graphite, etc.) on a randomised basis, others need to be sourced elsewhere.

The Moon Labour Market

Moon has a workforce which is employed to build, service, and manufacture everything needed to create long-term community. Every company has to engage labour for any type of economic activity.

The Moon Marketplace

This is where all Moon companies and players gather to trade and exchange goods. It is an open bid systems where products/services are showcased by a player, and other players can make bids to acquire it.

The Moon Country Structure

Every country on Moon has three different governance components that need to be developed to ensure its survival and prosperity:

  • Army. Defends the country from invasions, invades other countries to expand its own territory.
  • Fiscal Administration. Administers tax revenues and government spending.
  • Political Structure/Governance. The way the country takes decisions and runs national affairs.

The Moon Trading Mechanics

As mentioned trade of goods and resources with Ertha is a pivotal element in helping the Moon ecosystem develop. Trade between Ertha and Moon is governed by a series of rules within Moon and agreements between the two Metaverses, in particular:

  • Moon country governments decide what resources can be imported and exported – bans, quotas, and tariffs can be imposed.
  • Ertha can also similarly put restrictions on goods coming/going from and to the entire Moon ecosystem.
  • Moon countries can require special licenses to be obtained by companies/players in order to trade determined categories for goods.

Game Add-Ons

Add-ons are in-game tools and resources represented by NFTs, and that players can buy for 2MOON tokens. The are used to:

  • Improve economic performance/efficiency.
  • Accelerate development of a Moon country..
  • Make a Moon country militarily stronger.

The available add-ons will include building materials, mining equipment, oxygen supplies, weaponry, know-how top ups (to accelerate the country’s development), moon shuttles (for transporting people and goods), astro powers (special esoteric powers that help in solving lunar mysteries, win wars, and other performance during award-winning competitions).

War Dynamics

The conduct of wars on Moon is governed by an algorithm to determine conflict outcome that weighs:

  1. Overall weaponry and military resources
  2. Land holding size
  3. Randomness.

Conflicts are played over a variety of rounds until both parties agree to cease or one party is unable to continue due to lack of weaponry. The conflict rounds are similar to those in the game Risk, but instead of dice rolls are a random-number generator, whose results are weighted, again randomly, against the size of the weapons cache and land resources. This allows countries which are outnumbered in terms of army size and outmatched in terms of resources to have a chance of winning a conflict

The Awards

All Moon players can earn additional 2MOON tokens, and reward NFTs, by participating in a series of competitions and quests. These include:

Solving Lunar Mysteries

The moon has always hidden a number of enigmas that have baffled humanity for centuries. These mysteries can be solved by the most astute Moon players, unlocking valuable NFTs and 2MOON token rewards that can help them build their countries faster and stronger.

Exploring The Dark Side of The Moon

We can only see 59% of the moon from Earth. But Moon’s coloniser have the opportunity of travelling directly there, and seeing what is hidden. Racing and exploration competitions will be held on a regular basis, with awards going to the top-100 performers each time. These are puzzle-like games, where the pieces are to be found different regions of the moon.

Conspiracy Theories

Moon offers a hybrid games which mixes the most popular human conspiracy theories with an exciting knowledge and skill-based game, testing reaction times, ingeniousness, and courage. Fun and electrifying at the same time, with valuable rewards for the best players.


On Moon, it is possible to go on missions which include travel to other planets and to the interior of the moon in search of happiness, love, rare resources, and money. Players pay for and can build intergalactic ships, more advanced than this available on Ertha.

Why Binance Smart Chain

Binance is the ideal Blockchain for the development of Moon thanks to its many advantages:

Multiple Features

Binance allows users to participate in multiple features, such as trading, investing, earning interest, lending, borrowing, and much more.


Binance Coin has a market cap of over $92 billion, and is backed by one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges. It is also the third largest Blockchain in the world by number of active wallets.

Safety & Compatibility

The Binance Smart Chain is a smart contract-enabled blockchain network created with the goal of creating a decentralized financial (DeFi) ecosystem. The Binance Smart Chain operates using a Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism, which makes transactions secure from tampering.

Low Fees & Speed

Gas fees on BSC are up to 95% lower than those on Ethereum, and transaction speeds about 4.3 times faster.

Metaverse & NFT Friendly

Binance is already accommodating the development of other Metaverse projects, including Ertha, Cyball and Star Sharks.


Token name


Total supply


Initial market cap

$ 611,000




6 %


$ 0,00020

Token Price






8 %


$ 0,00035

Token Price






3 %


$ 0,0005

Token Price



The SpaceMap

  • 2021 Q4  Fund raising. Community building via social network platforms. International Media campaign.
  • 2022 Q1 Customers acquisition.  New interactive in-game content.
  • 2022 Q2 IDO – TGE. Agreements with Exchanges and Launchpads. Moon Hex sale.
  • 2022 Q3  Public beta release of the project. Mobile game version development. VR development.
  • 2022 Q4  Final launch. VR/AR beta release. Post-launch support.
  • 2023 Q1  Expanding mechanics. Metaverse implementation. Portals between Metaverses.